World YWCA

As a global network of women, the World Young Women’s Christian Association (World YWCA) has been leading social and economic change in 125 countries worldwide over the years. Since its inception in 1894, it is advocating for peace, justice, health, human dignity, freedom and care of the environment as well as has been at the forefront of raising the status of women. The World YWCA develops women’s leadership to find local solutions to the global inequalities women face. Each year, it reaches more than 25 million women and girls through work in 22,000 communities. This grassroots experience shapes the organization’s global advocacy agenda. YWCA work is inspired by Christian principles and a commitment to women’s full and equal participation in society. It is a volunteer membership movement, inclusive of women from many faiths, backgrounds and cultures.

YWCA of Bangladesh

As a non-profit voluntary women’s organization, the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) came into being in this part of the world in the year 1961 as a branch of Pakistan YWCA. Since then it has been working counting on collective action for empowerment and development of the lives of women, girls and children irrespective of caste, creed or religion. After emergence of Bangladesh in 1971, YWCA of Bangladesh was rejuvenated with an independent movement in an independent country and ensured its resourceful existence phenomenally in the world. The YWCA of Bangladesh got affiliated with World YWCA in the year of 1979. Nowadays, it has been a thriving and wide-spreading organization dedicated to social pragmatic change in true sense.

List of Local YWCAs

YWCA                                           Formed                  Affiliated to National YWCA

Dhaka                                             1961                                        1979
Barisal                                             1972                                        1979
Chittagong                                      1973                                        1979
Pabna                                              1979                                        1980
Comilla                                            1979                                        1981
Khulna                                             1981                                        1983
Birisiri                                             1982                                        1986
Chandpur                                        1985                                        1988
Gopalganj                                        1990                                        1995
Dinajpur                                          1990                                        1995
Jessore                                            1995                                        2000
Khagrachari                                    1997                                        2000
Savar                                               2004                                        2009

Through a development lens, YWCA of Bangladesh is always striving to be an active partner in establishing peace, justice and human dignity supplementing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a whole. With an attendance of 27 members in the years of 1961, it, at the present, has 2257 members and 748 staff. It is carrying out a range of pro-poor and community development oriented programs and activities catering to more than 85,000 women, young girls and children teaming up with 13 local branches in 12 districts of the country.Objectives

  • The YWCA of Bangladesh seeks to organize, develop and unite local associations, which subscribe to its above-mentioned organizational basis, and endeavors to promote the full development of women and young girls irrespective of race, culture and creed. It seeks to develop a membership that is responsive to the changing needs of the whole community in a changing world.
  • The YWCA of Bangladesh and its member associations are non-profit making organizations desiring to improve the quality of life for women, girls and children, regardless of faith, of the most destitute classes through education, awareness building, skill training and or employment.

Key programs and activities of the YWCA of Bangladesh:

    Embrace new members, Leadership building or women and youths, Spiritual, intellectual, social and physical welfare of the members
    Formal - Nursery, Primary & Girls High Schools, Free Schools, Non-formal - Adolescent Development Program, Functional Literacy
    Savings program, Credit program, Skill trainings, Income-generating activities, Awareness raising programs
    Health education, Immunization, Maternal and child health care, Clean water and sanitation, Motivation for family planning, Medical services
    Advocacy on women’s rights issues, Counseling, Legal aid, Awareness building
    Awareness arising on conservation and sustainable usage of natural recourses, Capacitate people on disaster preparedness.
    Need-based training and workshops and exposure visits staff and volunteers.
    Jute crafts, Food production, Sewing, Embroidery, Integrated agricultural program, Guest house and training centre, Sales centers, Short courses
    Youth Hostel, Day care centre for children, Sr. Citizen’s Home.